Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bride maids and the grooms

i've been like the happyest girl since mark asked me to marry him. i've always wanted to have a huge wedding and invite everyone i knew. sorry it took forever for me to post this but, i finally did. =)

Man of honor: JohnnyC
bride maids: breanna and cristy *dresses below*

best man: Darrel

grooms: two-bit and sodapop

i thought you guys could help me pick the bride maid dresses

Gold or


Johnny i already have yours picked out =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Episode 2: would you forgive your enemys?

Mark was in a really pissed off mood today. and i mean really pissed off mood. i guess bre came back to Tulsa and tried to OD on some drugs. he made her stay at the house all day while he went to work and told me i had to watch her till he got home. "she's not 5 mark she can watch herself!" i said arguing with him. he didn't change his mind so i ended up spending the day with Bre. there was nothing on tv so we sat in silence for about 30 minutes. if you know me i had when it's quite. so i popped in a dvd, my favorite dvd. ATL straight to dvd =D surprising Breanna's face lit up. She love atl almost as much as i do. we sang along to every song on the dvd and when it was over we talked about how we loved Alex, Jack, Zack, And Rian. it was 3 in the afternoon when we finally stopped. my stomach was growling soo loud. "im hungry" bre announced before i had the chance. "what do you guys have in the fridge?" i remembered it's Monday, the day i usually go shopping and buy food. "lets go out to eat i said slipping my flip flops on. "Mark said we cant leave the house." bre said mocking mark "when did we ever listen mark?" i said laughing. she smiled. i let her pick her favorite restaurant which turned out to be a little Italian restaurant called Nikos. there's a story behind why it's her favorite. but that a story for a different post. after that i dont really know what happened, we became really good friends. we had to try to beat mark home because we lost track of time. we must of beat him by a minute. we were laughing so hard when Mark came home he thought we were high. you should of seen the smile on his face when i told him bre and i considered each other friends.

The end.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The adventure of JohnnyC and S-DAWG! Today's episode finding my inner gangstertuide (is that a word?)

lol! Today Markie had to work early in the morning till way late at night. I guess Johnny forgot and stopped by. Or maybe he knew I'd be lonely.I was drinking red bull, and I asked Johnny if he had any pop rocks. "Only if you have another red bull!" he said sticking his hands out. "But I dont. Im going shopping later for some." I said giving him my puppy eyes so he'd still give me his pop rocks. "It's alright man, I didn't have any, anyway." he looked down at his shoes. Then I realized. HE'S A GANGSTER! Or he was trying to be at least. I jumped up, "teach me how to be a gangster!" I childhood dream only I knew about. Johnny smiled. First we gotta get you some gangster clothes. we went to the store and I bought some baggy jeans and I just borrowed Mark's 'im so gangster shirt' I bought Johnny a new hat for helping me. We got it at ed Hardy. When we walked in and everyone there went "hey Johnny" it was so funny =D I also got a hat there. The pants where hard to walk in. now Ik why rappers always grab their crotch. I had the look I needed to talk like a gangster and most of all a gangster name. After an hour we desisted I'd get a temporary gangster name. S-Dawg! This is what I learned how to say in gangster. "Holy muffins that's snuff is off the chain. It's down like dogs at Texas." That means 'Heyy, I like your shoes. They're pretty cool. Where did you get it?" At the end of the day Johnny put a little graduation hat on my head. Made a small speech cried with tears of joy and said "You're the first student to graduate from JCake's school of Gangsters. Pony has been held back 20 times. Im proud of you." He gave me a book 'The Gangster Dictionary' was written in graffiti on the cover. "Thanks JohnnyC. I couldn't of done it without you as my teacher." And thats the end of todays episode of 'The adventure of JohnnyC and S-DAWG! Today's episode finding my inner gangstertuide '
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